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Professional internal and external painting services for residential,commercial,and industrial properties.


Expert waterproofing solutions to protect structures from water infiltration & to prevent mold growth,structural damage,&leakage.


Assembling and installation of cupboard, furniture,doors,kitchen cabinets and other joineries.


Install,repair&maintain pipes,valves,fittings & drainage systems in commercial and residential structures


Laying tiles,carpeting,wood,concrete,interlocks,curbstone & all other types of professional flooring.


Installing switches, cables, outlets, DB, lights & other electrical components along with maintaining & troubleshooting electrical systems.


End of lease, reinstatement and renovation works in buildings, villas, factories, labor camps etc.


Erecting stone or brick walls,plastering,Cement repairs and coating works etc.

Sanitary Contracting

Installation and maintenance of sanitary systems to ensure proper functioning of water supply, wastewater management and hygiene

Pest Control

Identifies pest problem & implement appropriate solution to eliminate pests from residential, commercial & industrial facilities.

HVAC System

Installation, maintenance & repairing of various ventilation, heating and cooling systems.


General cleaning, floor care & specialized cleaning to all residential & commercial structures including newly constructed or renovated spaces

Road Marking

Application of various lines,symbols & patterns on roads and highways to provide visual guidance to drivers & pedestrians to ensure road safety.

Parking Lot Painting

Marking & painting lines, symbols & signs on the surface of a parking lot to create organized & efficient parking spaces.

Epoxy Flooring

All types of epoxy flooring for hospitals, warehouses, factories and all commercial and industrial structures.

Preventive Maintenance

We identify & address potential issues before they become major problems.This may involve regular inspections & other proactive measures to maintain the building's systems & equipments.

External Cleaning

Pressure washing, window cleaning, facade cleaning, roof cleaning & pavement cleaning of the exterior surfaces of buildings, structures & outdoor areas.

Aluminium & Glass

Fabrication, installation & maintenance of various structures & products made from aluminium & glass materials like windows, doors, curtain walls or creating custom aluminium & glass structures.

Sanitary Polishing

Repair & polishing of sanitary fixtures and fittings, such as sinks, toilets,bathtubs,showers, & other fixtures to restore shine and enhance the overall appearance of the fixtures to give a brand-new look.

Interior Designing

Enhancing the interior spaces of buildings to create functional, aesthetically pleasing & well designed environments.

Building Materials

We offer diverse range of materials essential for construction, renovation or for maintenance of buildings.

Pool Maintenance

By doing regular cleaning, filtration & motor system maintenance & periodic inspections we ensure the swimming pools remains clean, safe & properly functional.

Handyman Services

Providing skilled individuals who are proficient in a wide range of home repair and maintenance tasks.

Manpower Supplay

Supplying right workers to the right job positions to meet the staffing needs of organizations in the Facilities Management indurstry.


Installation of handrail to staircases, ramps, balconies or other areas to provide support and safety.


Get your outdoor space ready for spring.We install custom-made wooden and aluminium pergolas & motorized awning for patio.


Installation of wallpaper to enhance the appearance of walls and create a desired aesthetic.


Installation of various CCTV systems to enable surveillance for enhancing security of a specific area or premises.

Fire Fighting & Alarm

Firefighting & alarm systems which detects fires early, alert occupants & provide the means to extinguish the fire or evacuate to safety.


Enhancing the aesthetic appeal of outdoor space by adding natural elements such as plants & trees along with hardscape features like pathways, fences & water features to create a visually pleasing and functional environment .

Smart Home

Use of technology & automation to enhance convenience, optimize energy consumption, improve security and comfort in apartments.


Dividing larger space into smaller sections using physical barriers in various settings such as offices, commercial spaces & residential buildings to be used as separate room, meeting or storage spaces.


Installation, renovation or repair of the ceiling to create a visually appealing, functional & safe overhead surface .

We provide exceptional maintenance solutions for both residential as well as commercial properties across the United Arab Emirates.


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